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March 28, 2016

A Brilliant Meal Prep Idea While Having Fun

Post by Lilina Conde

Do you feel like meal prepping for the week is boring and takes many hours of your day and you prefer to be doing something else?

We all have been there. But, there’s a way we can make this experience more fun without thinking it’s an obligation. In this awesome weather, why don’t we take our food outside and grill out?

Yes, for me it ‘s very convenient, fun, and I get to enjoy the start of the spring season. So, I go buy some protein, carbs, and veggies, season them with Mrs. Dash or Flavorgod and throw them on the grill.

These are the type of food I usually grill out:

  • Protein: chicken breast, turkey patties, chicken kabobs, shrimp kabobs, pork loin filets
  • Carbs: sweet potatoes, ripe plantain
  • Veggies: asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, butternut squash, zucchini

Besides that, I make some brown rice or quinoa to have more options for carbs during the week.

If you see that list, notice that I have several options for each component of a balanced diet, so that way I am more prepared for the week.

Also, while grilling out I take advantage of the weather and sit outside listening to some music with family and friends.

You see? Meal prep while having fun and spending quality time with your loved ones. No excuses!