Lilina Conde BW


My name is Lilina Conde - Born in Ohio, raised in Maracaibo, Venezuela and an Oil and Gas engineer who happens to have an enthusiasm for healthy cooking and helping people.

After battling obesity for so many years and trying out hundreds of diets, I developed a passion for nutrition and ways to make healthy meals more fun and enjoyable, along with an exercise program to be more motivated throughout my weight loss process.

Since I love helping people, I’d like to share my easy and accessible recipes with you and give the support you need in order to successfully achieve your goals.

My intention with this is to make you realize that cooking does not have to be complicated and by using simple ingredients and techniques, you can have delicious dishes on your own. 

We all have tight schedules and busy lives, but with the right guidance and motivation, we can make healthy cooking possible and be an important part of us. Therefore, I invite you to go on this journey with me and I hope you like it.